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NEXUS / IPS and DARVIS: Together for the future of OR logistics

NEXUS / IPS GmbH and Darvis Germany GmbH will be treading new paths together in OR logistics. The cooperation, which has existed since September 22, 2022, aims to automatically track and visualize objects in the medical product cycle using optical sensors and AI-supported evaluation. With the seamless integration of the software for optical recognition in the documentation and planning system NEXUS / EuroSDS, time-consuming manual activities, such as scanning codes to record the objects, will no longer be necessary.

This approach takes automation – and thus planning security – in OR logistics to a new level by making previously invisible process information accessible: Where exactly is the sterile item located? When will it be available again? This data is available to the users in OR and AEMP in real time and is visualized in the form of a dashboard. The employees can concentrate on their actual activities and are supported by the software in the background.

“Automation, visibility, artificial intelligence - against this background, we will develop solutions together with our partner Darvis that offer our customers real process advantages in OR logistics. We look forward to working together,”

says Marion Härtel, NEXUS / IPS management.

“Through the partnership with Nexus, we are linking our visual intelligence in the sterile goods cycle with procedural information, so that our customers have maximum control over their processes and ultimately autonomous flow control via the fully integrated tracking solution. “

Jan-Philipp Mohr, CEO and co-founder of DARVIS Germany:

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