In a room full of assets, OmniRoom enables:

Location of any object (Inch-Level)

Data with



Boost operational efficiency in logistics by streamlining asset management and providing real-time data on key performance metrics.

Improve inventory management efficiency by providing real-time insights into asset locations, status, and usage.

Enhance patient care and safety while optimizing hospital operations and resource management.

Optimize retail operations by providing actionable insights into customer behavior, store layout, and inventory management.

Digital Services

Inventory Track and Trace

Enables businesses to track & trace their assets throughout a facility, providing real-time data on their location and status.

Space Utilization

Calculates the amount of space used by inventory or the amount of free space available.

Object Counting

Counts objects of various sizes, from small items like letters to larger ones like vehicles.

Fill Level Detection

Provides real-time data on the fill level of containers, trucks, or other assets.

Object Status Detection

Identifies not only the location of an object but also its status (e.g., free, occupied, clean, dirty).

Mobile Code Scanning & Asset Management

This service enables users to scan various codes (QR, data matrix, barcodes) with mobile devices for real-time asset tracking and management.

Speed & Direction Analysis

Tracks the speed & direction of objects & their trajectory, enabling safety features for environments with a mix of automated & manual operations.

Alert Function

Sends alerts for assets that have overstayed their dwell time or for forbidden objects found in specified zones.

WTIL - (Wait-time-in-line)

Tracks customer or patient wait time in lines, providing current information on operational flow.

OCR Reading

Detects and reads QR codes, text, and other information from objects such as parcels, documents, or labels.

Access Control (Facial Recognition or QR Code Scanning)

Controls automated access to spaces using facial recognition or QR code scanning.

Productivity and Attendance Monitoring

Monitors the productivity and attendance of staff, providing real-time data on their performance and attendance.

Attendance Scoring

Enables businesses to monitor staff attendance & punctuality, providing real-time data to help manage and maintain a productive workforce.

Productivity Scoring

Allows businesses to score the productivity of their staff, providing real-time data on their performance.

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