Space Utilization

Space Utilization

Calculates the amount of space used by inventory or the amount of free space available.

This feature can be used across various industries like warehouses, retail stores, and hospitals to optimize storage capacity, layout design, or space allocation for different purposes, leading to more efficient use of available resources and reduced costs.

Inventory Track and Trace

Enables businesses to track & trace their assets throughout a facility, providing real-time data on their location and status.

Object Counting

Counts objects of various sizes, from small items like letters to larger ones like vehicles.

Fill Level Detection

Provides real-time data on the fill level of containers, trucks, or other assets.

Object Status Detection

Identifies not only the location of an object but also its status (e.g., free, occupied, clean, dirty).

Mobile Code Scanning & Asset Management

This service enables users to scan various codes (QR, data matrix, barcodes) with mobile devices for real-time asset tracking and management.