Maximize productivity with DARVIS AI and computer vision.

We empower cameras to turn the real world into useful data stored on our custom dashboard.


Enhance efficiency, streamline processes, ease workload and provide the best patient care with Autopilot for Nurses and staff

Logistics and Retail

Optimize resources, identify inefficiencies, reduce waste and increase output with with Inventory Autopilot

with Inventory Autopilot

Identify, monitor, mitigate and have complete visibility of threats in your facility with DARVIS Shield

Autopilot for Nurses and staff

Providing ultimate visibility so staff can focus on what matters the most - excellent patient care.

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Inventory Autopilot

Giving ultimate visibility into your operations and inventory. This helps you optimize resources, gather data, identify inefficiencies, reduce waste and increase revenue.

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Hospital Bed Tracking

Surgery Kit Tracking

Fall Prevention

Rapid Access Control

Bed Cleaning

Threat Mitigation

Inventory Tracking



Complete visibility into hospital bed location and status.

Track surgical instruments and surgery kits throughout the hospital.

Our Clients

Darvis' solution for tracking the sterile goods cycle gives us valuable real-time insights into the supply processes and saves us many hours of searching and walking through our corridors. We can better use this time for tasks that are directly related to the preparation of surgeries and patient care.

Jörg Dornbusch

Process Manager at Asklepios Germany

Don’t just detect patient falls - prevent them entirely.

Automatically check for correct PPE, ensuring safe and compliant room entry.

Uphold the highest hygiene and safety standards.

Monitor and mitigate threats with automated situational awareness.

Know the status of your equipment at a glance, in real time.

Safely and securely ship and receive packages with ultimate visibility.

Mitigate threats with automated situational awareness.