DARVIS™ sees more than a human eye
can see in your operation.

A real-world analytics platform that decodes the world into useful information.
Intelligence delivered.

Leading companies love DARVIS™ – it’s so easy to use it

Continuous real-time monitoring and ingesting operational data.
Recommendation algorithms improve processes & operations.
No saving of video footage and guaranteed privacy ( Labour Union and GDPR)
World-class technologies,
multi-platform delivery
DARVIS™ combines the power of computer vision & IoT. It lays a grid over the whole business operations and tracks objects’ and people’s geospatial context in real-time.
  • Surveillance infrastructure agnostic
  • Runs both in the cloud as well on the edge
  • Plug and Play
  • Labour Union and GDPR compliant
DARVIS™ creates visibility within hospital processes
DARVIS™ optimizes intra-logistical protocols
DARVIS™ identifies suspicious behaviors and threats
DARVIS™ improves the overall safety of public spaces and private facilities.